Scan Pack

The Scan Pack system assists with the locating and picking of inventory from the warehouse for the dispatching to customers. It allows stock on selected sales orders to be entered or scanned using a keyboard wedge, batch or RF Scanning devices.

The Scan Pack and Scan Receive modules control the dispatching and receiving of inventory from the warehouse. The Scan Pack module assists with the locating and picking of inventory from the warehouse and dispatching to customers. It allows stock on selected sales orders to be entered or scanned using a variety of barcode scanning devices. The module guides the operator to the correct bins and ensures the accuracy of stock dispatched. The Scan Receive module offers similar functionality and benefits as above but assists with the process of receiving stock from suppliers and the process of putting it away into the warehouse. The Scan Pack and Scan Receive modules are two in a range of modules, collectively known as the SP Toolkit, that are designed to assist with inventory and warehouse management.


The modules are based on a wizard to guide the user through a sequence of steps. Both
modules offer functionality as follows:
Incoming purchase orders (or outgoing sales orders) are selected either individually or in
groups. The inventory items on all orders are combined to produce a single list of what is
expected to arrive into (or dispatched from) the warehouse. Items are then entered or
scanned as they are put away or picked. The following scanning devices are catered for:
• Keyboard wedge scanner
• Batch scanner
• RF scanner
• Manually entered
Items scanned can make use of the stock code or barcode. In addition, serialised stock is
also handled with serial numbers being scanned as required.
The modules guide the warehouse staff to the correct bins within the warehouse and
provide a warning for any items scanned that are either not on the selected orders or that
are over supplied.

Picking lists, put-away lists and packing lists can be printed as required. All layouts are configurable and selected orders can be printed either individually or combined. Barcode labels for products received and dispatched can also be printed for the individual items.
The final step in the process updates the orders. This process performs 2 functions. Firstly, it reserves the stock so that it cannot be processed again and secondly, it saves the processed quantities against the orders so that they are ready for invoicing. The operator simply needs to review the orders and process the invoice.

Key Features
• The modules ensure accuracy in receiving and dispatching stock into and from the warehouse.
• The modules can process either one order at a time or multiple orders can be combined and processed at the same time.
• Keyboard wedge, batch or RF scanning devices are catered for.
• Picking, put-away and packing lists as well as item barcode labels can be printed.
• Handles serialised and non-serialised inventory
• Pick and put-away quantities can be processed to prepare the orders for invoicing.