Allows you to export Volume Discount Contracts from Sage Evolution to excel, you apply the changes and uplifts and can then import this back into your Customer Contracts saving a lot of time editing them manually.



Volume Discount Contracts in Sage Evolution are an excellent way to record and set Customer Special Prices over and above the Price List that the customer is attached to.

The only difficult thing is updating them when a price review is needed.  You have to edit each one which can be time consuming if you have customers with lots of special prices.


Volume Discount Contract Example


With the Crest Xtra Price Manager you can load the customers prices into the program:


Price Manager Loading


You can then export your agreed prices to excel:


Price Manager to Excel


  • You can simply increase the prices in excel line by line
  • Or you can use excel formulas in columns to the right to add a percentage
  • You can also add product codes to now be included in the customers special prices
  • Then import this information back into Price Manager

Existing codes loaded will be Green, New code prices are shown in Orange, Red lines mean they are not recognized and will be ignored when importing into Sage Evolution


Load from Excel


When you are happy, choose load to Evolution and your database will be updated.  It is always recommended that you take a backup before updating your Volume Discount prices.


Price Manager Loaded Successfully