This add on Consolidates different charts of accounts from different companies and entities and posts the General Ledger entries into a Master Company.  A mapping facility and rollback feature is also included.



Setup involves mapping each GL Code in the Chart of Accounts of the Subsidiary Companies to a GL Code in the Master / Consolidated company.  There can be completely different GL Codes from different sub companies charts of accounts mapped to GL Codes in the Master Company.  The program will warn you if you have recently added new GL codes in the subsidiary companies but not yet mapped them to the master company.


Consolidator Mapping


You can load a subsidiary companies General Ledger entries into the screen ready for posting to the master company, this can be done up to a specified date.

When they are posted, the transaction id is recorded which allows for full rollback facilities should you need to reverse a period of transactions.

Once posted, you can log into your Master company in Sage Evolution and report on the group of companies as a whole.


Consolidator Loading