The reorder module assists with the inventory reorder process. The reorder quantity is automatically calculated based on minimum stock levels and/or previous months sales, with a manual override. The system is interactive, displaying detailed product and sales information as well as costs, order value, weights and volumes. When complete, the module automatically prints and creates the relevant purchase orders in Evolution.


The Reorder module is one in a range of modules, collectively known as the SP Toolkit,
that are designed to assist with inventory and warehouse management.

The Reorder module allows inventory to be selected and displayed in a grid. All relevant
information is displayed including quantity on hand, sales and purchase orders (in total or
by warehouse). Also included are minimum, maximum and reorder levels as well as sales
information and months stock. Reorder quantities can then be set automatically by a number of different methods including:
• Below minimum – reorder to maximum
• Below reorder level – reorder based on reorder quantity
• By required months stock (using either 3 or 12 month average sales)

Once the program has calculated the reorder quantity, the operator can make any required manual adjustments. A facility to zoom in to a selected item to display detailed information assists with this process. The total order value, volume and weight are also displayed at all times. Finally the orders for all included suppliers can be printed and the relevant purchase orders created in Evolution.

Key Features
• The user can select the required inventory items.
• The module automatically calculates reorder quantities based on various criteria.
• The operator can review and override the reorder quantities while reviewing sales and stock level information.
• Purchase orders can be printed for all relevant
suppliers. Purchase orders are created automatically in Evolution.