The dispatch module assists with the documentation required for dispatching inventory from the warehouse. It allows the warehouse staff to print consignment notes, dispatch labels and product labels as required. It also allows for an advance dispatch notification to be sent to the customer via email.

The Dispatch module is one in a range of modules, collectively known as the SP Toolkit, that are designed to assist with inventory and warehouse management.


The module displays all new invoices as they are generated in Evolution. Warehouse staff then select each invoice as it is ready to be dispatched. All relevant information including
invoice number, customer and delivery address is available and additional information is then input including:
• Freight company
• Consignment number
Also company specific information can be requested e.g. picked by, number of cartons etc. This is done by simply defining custom fields within Evolution. Note that all additional information including the consignment number is stored against the archived invoice and can therefore be viewed at any future time from within Evolution. Once the information is entered then the system will print consignment notes, dispatch labels and product labels depending on requirements. Consignment notes and labels can be printed either individually or in a batch. All consignment note and label layouts are designed using Report Builder. Separate formats can be defined for each freight company used. Labels can be designed to print on either laser printers using label sheets or via specific thermal label printers using a roll of continuous laser stationery. An email notification can also be sent to the customer as an advance dispatch notification advising the items being shipped and can include the additional information including the freight company, consignment number and ETA.

Key Features
• The module prints consignment notes, dispatch labels and item labels as required.
• Warehouse staff can enter relevant shipping details via custom defined fields. This information is stored in Evolution against the invoice and can therefore be accessed at any time in the future.
• All consignment note and label formats are designed using Report Builder and separate layouts for each
freight company can be defined.
• Advance dispatch notification can be sent to the customers via email advising details of the
impending shipment.