HR3 Payroll

HR3's payroll is a fully customisable and scalable solution suited for businesses of any size and complexity. How does HR3 payroll achieve this? Well, there are many ways and here are a few...


Date Driven Payroll

The HR3 payroll software is what's commonly known as date-driven. This means there are no End of Month (EOM) or End of Year (EOFY) data lockdowns which means flexible point-in-time reporting without having to restore or rollback your database. It also means that financial reporting is not restricted to the Australian financial year July to June period. Whether you want to analyze your payroll data for a financial year or calendar year or any other period combination you can think of, HR3 payroll can oblige.

Multiple Business Entities

HR3 payroll can run any number of separate business identities simultaneously; parent companies, subsidiaries and holding companies. All business entities can reside in a single database solution that encompasses not only payroll, but hr and workplace health and safety modules as well. Having all of your entities data in a single database makes for simple group reporting.

Powerful User Security

Any software storing financial and private information must have the correct level of data security. HR3 payroll security is very powerful, but can be configured to your company’s requirements regardless of how many users access the system and the level access they are afforded. User security levels can be assigned by company, job role, department, screen, reports and more. 

Unlimited Field Variations

There is virtually no limit on the number of variations you can add to most fields; unlimited bank accounts, pay items, deductions, costing splits, super funds, pay rates, awards, employment conditions, work patterns, leave accrual types, contacts, phone numbers and more.

User Defined Fields (UDF)

Custom field and lookup table creation is available across the entire database. If you need special industry or company-specific information storage then the payroll UDF feature can be utilised. Not only can you add your own user defined fields, you can also define a custom lookup table with specified valid list entries.

Audit Manager

HR3 payroll includes a sophisticated Auditing tool. This is user defined and can track changes made by both desktop and web users to virtually any table or field in the database.

Unlimited Leave Accrual Types

Define unlimited types of accrual and non-accrual leave. As well as common forms of leave, such as Annual, Sick and Long Service, you can also define those specific to your company, industrial awards or individual work contracts. Some examples may include Time Off In Lieu, Rostered Days Off, Loyalty Leave, Study Leave, Project Based Leave and many more.  

Employee Payslips

Email payslips to nominated employees in a password-protected PDF format or access them from HR3 kiosk.

Leave Requests

Process leave requests in advance. Approved requests are automatically included in the relevant payrun.

Unlimited Employee Costing splits

Employees can have designated proportions of their pay assigned to more than one department or cost centre, by percentage or by hours worked.

Open Ended Year

Commence processing payrolls for the new financial year without closing off the current year. No more rush to produce the end of year ATO Payment Summaries before commencing the first payrun of the new finyear!

Flexible Calendar Options

User defined calendar parameters mean that nothing is cleared unless specifically selected. Reports and pay advices, even from a previous financial year, can be run at any time.

Detailed Reporting

HR3 payroll includes a powerful reporting tool (Report Builder PRO) preloaded with over 200 standard reports. This feature is used for printing as well as generating electronic data files such as MS-Excel, PDF and other formats.

Data Explorer Reporting

HR3 payroll includes a Data Explorer facility that is preloaded with many “views” that the end-user can modify and use for sophisticated data reporting, exporting or graphing. Simple "drag and drop" interface makes user-defined layouts a breeze.

Optional Advanced Reporting Module

Advanced reporting adds sophisticated business intelligence reporting capabilities to your payroll, kiosk, hr, and whs modules. While HR3 already includes over 200 reports built-in, you can never have too many because every organisation has unique reporting requirements. HR3’s advanced reporting module includes drag and drop crosstab and pivot queries, a comprehensive user report writer and the ability to take any standard report and modify it to suit your requirements. Take your new report and publish it to any HR3 users with full security. If the data is in the HR3 database, then you can report on it!

Task Manager

HR3 payroll includes a Task Manager that works much like MS Outlook™. It is used to create tasks linked directly to your employees, reports or any other necessary activity. The Task Manager has a wide range of options.

Email notification

Task driven emails for notification and actions.

Public Holidays

Australian public holidays are electronically available (auto download and update) as soon as they have been gazetted by the relevant state and federal government bodies.

Employee Planner

Customisable monthly calendar view showing all employee events including leave (requested, approved, taken), anniversaries (Years of Service, birthday) and more.

User friendly

HR3 payroll is user friendly and intuitive. Staff will be instantly familiar with the clear, logical screen layouts.

Optional Employee Self Service (kiosk)

Web-based ESS (Employee Self Service) system that lets your employees access their information and many other options. This is fully integrated so changes are to the one database.

Optional Human Resource Module (hr)

Optional employee or position driven Human Resource module for storing and reporting on skills, licences, training, inductions, performance, property and much more. Again, this is fully integrated so all data is kept in the same database.

Optional Workplace Health and Safety Module (whs)

Optional location driven WHS module designed using Australian, New Zealand and International standards (AS1885, AS4801 and ISO31000). Ideally suited for any company needing a powerful WHS Management solution with access to information for detailed reporting of Lost Time Incidents (LTI) and associated details. This module is fully integrated and uses payroll information to populate its management dashboard.