You can request a new registration by emailing

When you make your registration request, please ensure you include:

  • The registered company name
  • The base or core serial number (if known)
  • The access/pin code
  • Product running (e.g. Xpress/Partner/Evolution)
  • Version number of your product (you can find this in Help..About).
  • Any additional information such as whether it is the main registration or a site license registration.
  • If change of access/pin code then reason e.g. change of server/upgraded version of accounting software.

The more information you can provide when submitting your registration request the quicker our registrations department will be able to deal with your submission.  We can only process registrations for Crest Software Clients.

Registrations can take up to 48 hours to process, however, we strive to achieve a response within 24 hours.

Please note:

Customers running Sage Pastel Partner V12 onwards and all those running Sage Evolution must be on an annual cover plan in order to acquire a new registration code.

Customers running Sage Pastel Partner or Sage Pastel Xpress more than 2 versions back from the current version will have to pay an administration fee of $165 plus GST in order to get a registration code for an end of life software version. 

Please contact our Sales and Administration department regarding this (call or email or to discuss upgrading to a current version of your software by going onto a cover plan.

If you change your hardware, you will require a new registration code to be processed, so a new administration fee is required even if your existing registration has not expired.