Sage Evolution 100 - Fixed Assets Module

Sage Evolution 100 - Fixed Assets Module



Fixed asset management made easy.

Sage Evolution’s Fixed Assets module helps you control your fixed assets easily, affordably and reliably.

As your company assets such as desks, computers, cars, machinery, etc. depreciate, they become obsolete, and keeping a register of your company’s fixed assets as part of its accounting records can be tedious and time-consuming.   

The Sage Pastel Evolution Fixed Assets module automates all these processes for you, managing the following tasks:

–              Tracking each asset’s value, both from a tax and an accounting point of view.

–              Depreciating assets correctly using an appropriate depreciation rate and method.

–              Updating the replacement values of your fixed assets for insurance purposes.

–              Accurately recording any sale, disposal or loss of assets.

–              Maintaining an accurate fixed assets register which records information such as: date of purchase; date of disposal; purchase price; accumulated depreciation; net book value etc. 

Once the initial information is provided, Sage Evolution Fixed Assets takes over and manages your assets for you. One of the realities of fixed assets processing is that companies frequently change depreciation rules as legislation allows and as company policy changes. Some changes are retroactive to when you purchased the asset. Sage Pastel Evolution Fixed Assets calculates its values dynamically from the start of each asset’s life, which makes retroactive changes simple. Imagine the time required to accurately program all this yourself into a spreadsheet!

*Sage Pastel Evolution Fixed Assets can be used in conjunction with the Sage Pastel Partner or Sage Evolution or can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

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