Sage Evolution 200 - Cash Manager Module

Sage Evolution 200 - Cash Manager Module



Improve your debt collection and cash flow.

Cash Manager provides your business with a tool to improve debt collection processes.   Looking at an Age Analysis will show clearly the amounts outstanding, but not the reasons why the amounts are outstanding, nor will it show you the expected amounts to be collected.

This Cash Manager module will turn your debtors department into a communication centre, allowing you to see how many calls the collectors have made, the content and outcome of those calls, and provide you with reports which illustrate what action staff are taking to collect outstanding debts.

As you are able to track trends for non-payment such as service level issues, action can be taken to correct the situation in order to collect the moneys due thereby reducing the risk of write-offs

Collectors will be able to confidently provide debtors with accurate reconciliations, contact reports, as well as a list of outstanding invoices immediately, and not have to first compile a specific report for each debtor.

How does the Cash Manager module work?

Quite simply, the Cash Manager module pulls through the Age Analysis from Sage Evolution.  Your collectors will work from the Age Analysis and record information in just two places.  By clicking on the amount in the aged period, the collector will see all invoices that make up the balance. Per invoice, or per aged amount, the collector then records the information such as:

  • The Promise to Pay date.
  • The Reason Code for the customer not paying.  These reason codes are customisable. Reasons such as, POD Requested, Cash Flow Problems, Price Dispute and more have already been created, but unlimited Reason Codes can be added.
  • Expected Amount to be collected.
  • Action still to be taken.  Actions are also completely customisable although Actions such as Call Customer Again, Copy Invoice Requested and more have already been created for you.

Users can mark the amount if the required Action has taken place.  They can mark the amount if they need to do a Call Back and then specify a Call Back date.  The only other place they need to work in is the Contact area, where they can store the details of the conversation or contact with the debtor.

From only two areas of simple input, this module is then able to provide you with all the reports, such as the Contact report, Promise to Pay Fresh and Promise to Pay Stale reports, Call Back Reports, Reason Code Summaries, Action lists, Cashflow Forecasts and more.

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