Sage Evolution 200 - SerialTracking Module

Sage Evolution 200 - SerialTracking Module



Track individual items by serial number to verify warranties and track movement over time.

Sage Evolution Serial Number Tracking allows you to individually track items. For example, if you sold an item that carries a warranty, you will need to know when and to whom you sold the item so that you know if the item is bought in for repairs, if it is still under warranty or not.


Integrating with Sage Evolution’s Inventory module, Serial Number Tracking keeps detailed information on specific inventory items.  Each item is tracked uniquely providing you with absolute control over individual inventory items.

With Sage Evolution Serial Number Tracking you can receive Serial Number Listing reports that provide you with key information regarding your items, such as where the current location of the serial numbered item is, the item code and description, the date of its last movement, the current general location in stock and the customer it was sold to.

The Serial Number Transaction report will show you all the transactions for a Serial Number, by reflecting one transaction per line. Each line will report on the following information: the Serial Number, item code and description, transaction date and reference, the customer/supplier account code and its originating module.

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