The SPToolkit comprises a range of Sage Evolution add-on modules covering warehousing and inventory management.

The modules available are:



Scan Pack

The Scan Pack system assists with the locating and picking of inventory from the warehouse for the dispatching to customers. It allows stock on selected sales orders to be entered or scanned using a keyboard wedge, batch or RF Scanning devices.

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Scan Receive

The Scan Receive module assists with the process of receiving stock from suppliers and the process of putting it away into the warehouse. It allows stock on selected purchase orders to be entered or scanned using keyboard wedge, batch, or RF Scanning Devices.

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The dispatch module assists with the documentation required for dispatching inventory from the warehouse. It allows the warehouse staff to print consignment notes, dispatch labels and product labels as required. It also allows for an advance dispatch notification to be sent to the customer via email.

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The reorder module assists with the inventory reorder process. The reorder quantity is automatically calculated based on minimum stock levels and/or previous months sales, with a manual override. The system is interactive, displaying detailed product and sales information as well as costs, order value, weights and volumes. When complete, the module automatically prints and creates the relevant purchase orders in Evolution.


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Order Allocation

The order allocation module allows existing stock on hand as well as incoming purchase orders to be selected and automatically allocated to customer sales and back orders. Various allocation methods are available as well as a manual override. Once allocated, picking slips for all back orders can be printed in a batch.

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Import Cost

The import cost module allows a single or multiple purchase orders to be combined into a shipment. User defined costs can then be applied to the shipment. These costs can be apportioned over the shipment by value, quantity, weight, volume or percentage.

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