Sage Mobility

Make an impression with every customer visit and increase your revenue per sale. Take a payment on the spot or make it easier for customers to pay you using an emailed invoice and electronic payment.

With Sage Mobile Solutions, you’ll have the tools your business needs to exceed customer expectations, grow sales, improve service, and increase your cash flow.

Sage Mobile Sales

 Your field salespeople can complete the following tasks anytime and anywhere. With Sage Mobile Sales, you can:

  • View and edit customer information on your iPad
  • Review your catalog with customers on an iPad, and show related items
  • Create a quote and email it to your customer
  • Check product availability and confidently commit to fulfilling orders
  • Enter an order and accept immediate payment

Show customers what they want

Sage Mobile Sales is an intuitive iPad app that makes sales possible anytime, anywhere. The app's smart online catalog puts your entire product line at your sales force's fingertips and, more importantly, directly in front of the client's eyes in vivid color.

It also suggests related products and substitutions to help build bigger sales. And because it's digital and synched to your ERP, it's always up to date, and you never have to reprint—and that saves you money.

Create orders everywhere

Generating a quote has never been easier. Looking at past purchases using Sage Mobile Sales on the iPad is a great meeting opener, and knowing the quantity of items on hand in the warehouse means the order will be filled as promised.

Discounts are easily factored in and authorized, and when the customer agrees, the rep can easily convert the quote into an order, have the customer sign off on screen, and submit it directly to the ERP so there are no transcription errors back at the office.

Get paid faster

Could it get any easier? Yes! Because when it comes to paying, the customer can immediately pay by credit card, which saves you processing costs, or put it on account and get invoiced. Talk about convenient.