Crest Support if offered to our clients who are on a monthly or annual product cover plan with ourselves.


Our support team will assist you with all aspects of running your business software including:

  • General how do I do this queries
  • General use of software questions
  • Assistance with Errors and Troubleshooting
  • Assistance with Software Upgrades when new versions are issued
  • Small Data Fixes


To contact support please email (this will create a support ticket under your email and an automatic support ticket number will be issued), please reply to these emails whilst dealing with the same logged ticket.


Alternatively call 1300 720 806 Option 2 for Support (leave a message with reception if support is busy)


We may need to access your computer to assist with your support ticket.  If so we will ask you to download the splashtop client and provide us with a 9 digit code.


If we do, please open this link:

Download and run the program from the link. It will then show you a 9-digit session code which you need to provide to support.


Items not covered by Crest Support (Charged on a time incurred basis)

  • Major data fixes
  • Report Writing
  • Forms Design
  • Training New Staff
  • Major Installations and Data Conversions


Our support system has the ability to allow our clients to login and view their outstanding support tickets and to reply to them through the portal.

Click on the icon below to view your support tickets, contact if you don't know your login details and wish to use this area.


Some common errors and solutions:

Evolution - Access Violation Error


Crest Support Portal