Why Us


If you are on this site then you are most likely looking to buy and implement new accounting software. There are literally 1000's of options out there and they all say they have great service and solutions. But do they have passion and commitment of over 12 years and hundreds of happy and successful customers?

Changing or implementing a new accounting system isn't easy and we can tell you quite a few horror stories that we have seen. For us it's easy, we have encountered almost every tricky requirement and found a solution. We have a ton of awards and customer feedback to prove that. But at the end of the day it's because it's our daily passion to help our customers succeed. They save money with us and get real insights into their business. It's been said more than once that our Sage Evolution software is one of the best kept secrets in the market. Also we use our own software to run our own business, something that's vitally important. Bottom line, book a call with one of our specialists today and take a serious step towards absolute control over your business.


We Care


We care about our customers and the products we provide, our service and support.  Like Sage, we believe in customers for life.  We have built some great customer relationships over the years and are committed to being professional, to providing an excellent service and where possible business consulting and advice.


We love our products


Well, as much as you can love an accounting system.  Especially Sage Evolution for its flexibility, value for money to medium and large size businesses, its adaptability to different industries.  Its the best product out of the bunch we sell and support.


Our Experience


We have a lot of experience in implementing and supporting systems.  Our customers therefore benefit greatly from this.


Our Skills


We have data conversion, development and report writing skills to help a customer get the most out of a new system.